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Madison Metropolitan School District

Renaming Committee Meeting Recap, Nov. 22

At the November 22, 2022, meeting of the Citizens’ Ad Hoc committee relative to the renaming of Jefferson Middle School, the committee voted to forward to the Board of Education four proposals. They are:

  • #13 Eston Hemings Jefferson
  • #4 Ezekiel Gillespie
  • #5 Sally Hemings
  • #2 Maya Angelou

You can find the proposals below.

The Ad Hoc Committee will meet on Tuesday, December 6, at 5:30 p.m. virtually to hold a public hearing on these proposals followed by a discussion and/or final confirmation of their recommendations to the Board of Education. If there are no changes, these four names will be forwarded to the Board of Education first to the Instruction Work Group on January 9. A final vote will be taken later in January at a Board of Education meeting yet to be determined and will be held at Jefferson Middle School in person and virtually.

Please let us know your feedback via this webpage or sign up to speak or submit a written registration at the December 6, 2022, meeting. Instructions for registering to speak or to submit a written registration can be found on the Board of Education's webpage.