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As our theme to help all students review what a positive transition looks, feels, and sounds like, and to help those students who struggle see their peers as role models, and teachers as We have been using small “Eagle Excellence” tickets as rewards for being safe, responsible, and respectful in the classroom. In March, we will give them to students who are good role models, help their peers, or who are working hard to make transitions successful for themselves. Students put their names on the tickets, and they go into a box for a weekly drawing – the more tickets you have in the box, the better your chance to win a small prize! Staff will also have cards to fill out when their class has had successful transitions for a day as a group. Those cards will be part of a separate drawing at the end of March. Two winning classes will have a celebration with popcorn.  So, as we work on transitions here, it is good to piggy back and work on them at home as well. Here are some tips that will mirror what we are doing at Gompers:

  • Allow time to prepare for the change. (“we’re going to get ready to go in 10 minutes”). Most of us don’t enjoy last-minute surprises, and if a child really enjoys the activity in which they are engaged, having no time to “wrap it up” can be unsettling.
  • Give clear expectations. (“please turn off the TV and get your coat and boots on” “your pj’s should be on in 5 minutes” “Remember, I told you we were leaving at 5:00”)
  • Be positive. Let them know you know they can be responsible for themselves.
  • Be consistent. Routine avoids arguments! Bedtime routines should start at the same time each night and have the same procedure. Leaving for school in the morning should have the same routine each day.
  • Praise! When the transition works well (“wow, that went really well. I am proud of you for being so responsible!”) let your child know that you appreciate their help in making a transition go smoothly!